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Year Twenty-One

Here we are..

The end of the first week of 2021. How did you do? Fulfil any goals that you said you was going to drop immediately?

I know for sure that I didn't

I was supposed to start waking up at 5am and getting a head start on my days i.e create more content for you to read a bit more regularly. I think I was hoping to have seen results in me dropping out certain foods and going on my morning runs/cycles but honestly..

All I did was laze around wondering what day it was and when Monday starts.

Monday came and for me thats when the year started, only it wasn't as I thought yet again.

So today, right now in this very moment is the start of my New Year.

What i've come to realise is that if you set a date in your head to start something new or motivate yourself to begin a new habit, eight times out of ten you never reach that target because its almost as if you feel forced.

I couldn't think about what topic to choose to motivate and engage my readers and then I thought "i'm sure they'll be happy with me just posting something relatable".

I guess what i'm trying to say is..


Whenever you feel that something needs to change just do it right then and there. Jump right in. There is no better time than now and if you fail the first time that's okay, keep trying until you get it right. There is no pressure. Your only race is against yourself and you don't have to prove anything to anybody else but You!

This is the year of healing. This is the year of happiness and this is the year of health.

Brush any negativity of that shoulder and continue to protect your peace, no matter the cost because what it will cost you is something much greater than if you would have just let it go.

This year is about becoming the person you was always meant to be and if you're already that person, then it's about pushing your limits and growing much further. All at your own pace.

Most importantly, remember to praise yourself along the way.

Reflect and plan your next move one step at a time. If you need that extra push this is why I am here to help. You can always comment here or inbox me for a more private conversation.

You've got this I know you do.



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