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Heartache from a broken friendship cuts so much deeper and bleeds a little longer.

Its amazing at how one single moment can abolish all history you and your friend may have created together. All the fun memories, laughter shared and times you’ve gone through risky situations.. forgotten

What hurts is that you both had it all figured out. Your kids were going to grow together and be the best of friends. It didn’t matter if one found love when the other wasn’t so lucky because you’d always be there for your friend. It’s us until the end, ain’t it?

It was..

past tense now.

Everything you’ve built may come crashing down. Even if it were to be rebuilt, the cracks might come shining through in moments you least expect and that muscle memory will remind you of the way they hurt you.

If it’s forgivable then by all means, forgive and work at it.

If not, then don’t bypass the things that make you feel a way.

It‘s completely natural for a person to outgrow friendships because their values and views of the world has changed. The person you once was could have changed. You may have evolved into a stronger and better version of yourself, while your friend is at a standstill. Doing things that used to be fun to you. Used to be exciting. Used to make you feel complete but isn’t quite fulfilling anymore.

It’s okay if you just aren’t okay with the used to’s anymore.

It’s okay if you want more that feeds your own soul because this is your life.

You live for you.

Don‘t feel guilty for wanting to let go of anything or anyone who wont allow you to explore the person within that is yearning to break free. You deserve anything that makes you happy even if that means saying goodbye to a love you wished to carry. Believe me that weight will get heavy.

Choose to do what’s best for you.



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