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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

It’s something that is not spoken on enough.

Here I am trying my hardest to find the next topic of discussion, my next motivational speech to deliver and inspire you by.

When all along I’ve been living through it.

Being vulnerable is often viewed at as being weak..

but according to who? Yourself or through the eyes of others?

I think it’s self explanatory when you think about a friend who sees that you’re not your normal self and you’re less happy but to you you’re feeling over the moon and want to do things that are daring and adventurous.

When you think about your partner that senses the absence in your presence and the cold within your warmth.

And your family, when you see the cracks and the scars.. the wounds and the battlefields they’ve been through and unintentionally dragged you through, you blame them. Close yourself off behind a locked door barricaded with unspoken words.


Voice your opinions clearly and free

You can’t be sad or feel misunderstood if you haven’t done anything within your power to be heard and listened to.

What people don’t know they cannot fix nor change and if you don’t let your emotions and feelings become visible, then how could anyone else see?

All I’m trying to say is,

Do not be scared and hide behind the shield of what YOU see as a wall of protection.

Let yourself feel, let yourself know sadness, upset, disappointment and heartache so you can appreciate knowing what it feels like to feel free. A breath of fresh air, happiness, laughter, a sense of calm during your storms and the comfort of love wrapped around your heart.

Let yourself be helped,

Even if the first step is falling apart.


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