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Subject: Neglect

It has been a while since I’ve posted on here and for that I am sorry. One thing it did help me with though is this post.. Subject: Neglect

What I’ve come to realise is, for the parts of you that you don’t take care of, you see it in the reflection of who you choose to surround yourself with. You see their flaws and you see the pain behind their smile. You see the lie of everlasting happiness seeping through their teeth. You see the insecurities screaming behind their confidence.

But if you really pay attention. I mean look deep, you can see the person who you are. You see the cracks in your own skin. You see the hard time that you’re having, the weight you’re carrying on your back. You see the confusion in what’s real and what isn’t as they seem. You see that the path that you are on right now is nowhere near where you truly want to be.

Which is why I paused.

I looked around and took a breath. However long or short it doesn’t matter but don’t start moving again until You Are Sure!

One thing in life we was promised for sure is that we’re living on a stop clock that we don’t control ourselves and our time is too precious to keep on repeating the same mistakes. Over and over we may get side tracked and lead astray but as long as you find your balance again you’re doing Okay!

Better than okay. You are taking the lead and following your hearts calling.

You are being the best Version of you.

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