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Sister of Mine

A sister is some who is always there when you need her to be. A best friend that’s with you for life.

A person who listens to your worries and allows you to break a thousand times over for the same situation you’ve been going through over and over again and still haven’t learnt from. One you’d do anything for because there is no measure on the repayment you owe then for allowing you to be yourself and never giving up on you.

Growing up I was never close with my younger sister because she’s six years behind and could never understand the things I’ve seen in life because she’s always been shielded. Now I’m grateful for the fact that even without her having to live through my same experiences, she has grown into one of the strongest people I know. A softy with a shield of amour that motivates me to go harder and push myself to be who it is I’ve always dreamt of being.

She is a daily reminder of why I would like to pave the way for the younger generation of females and the youth trying to find their way through life. Having a woman pave the way and unlock doors they may want to go through, is like an empowering hand book. A guide of things that may relate to them and a genuine understanding of the struggles they may face along the way.

Its not only my blood sister who gives me strength but my chosen family too.

I watch my female friends go through things that would break another woman down into a million pieces and it shows me that it is possible to heal from almost anything. Again and again they prove to be super human and come through whenever I need them the most. A support system that circulates as through we are one is what I am most grateful for.

Life was never meant to be easy for anybody, but having sisters makes it a little more easier.


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