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Motherhood Blues

The way that it works is so unexpected.

One minute everything is okay and the next you're in panic mode. Life comes at you fast and changes in the blink of an eye. What you want when you want it never comes through but when you don't want it to happen, when you least expect it, it comes along and slaps you in the face.

A wake up call..

Some women try their hardest to make their wish come through and feel like life is failing them when they receive no results. Others find it effortless, easy as frying an egg to your liking. An inconvenience to their life's path.

Whether you receive it through love, a donor or a surrogate. You will only receive what is meant to you when it's your time. Never feel discouraged because your neighbour is happy and your colleague at work is on her fourth, be happy for them. Appreciate that everyones journey is different and that the path that you have been set in life has not reached that check point yet.

You may not have the trophy to show your achievements but you may have younger siblings, family members or neighbours kids that need you. An impact and symbol of motherhood that could never be replaced.

It's not easy to love another ones spawn as though it is your own and for that you are special. Amazing. Somebody's dream come true. A diamond in the ruff.

Your journey has not ended, it has only just begun.

To those who have shared a terrible loss and is now struggling to conceive I can truly say that you are not alone and I cannot tell you how empty that feeling is and I apologise but it wasn't your time.

You are needed for something greater that only you can pursue. Take pride in it and put your whole heart in it.

Just know that, you are loved and have been a mother in every way necessary to those who are around you. The courage it takes to carry on through such pain is the greatest lesson any woman could teach or learn.

You. Are. Appreciated.



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