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Lost + Found

Hey Guys,

Yes I know i've been missing for a while again but do ever feel like life is just one big rollercoaster.

It just keeps turning and turning and no matter how fed up you get and try to get off, the force just keeps on pulling you back in. It's as if I have a drug addiction that I just can't seem to shake.

Maybe, and this is a big maybe, it's me who causes for life to come at me hard and fast.

Do you think i'm doing something?

or could this just be God's will..

I mean, the big man is in charge right? I hope so because i've been handing him the wheel hoping not to get whiplash.

If you're not a religious person then maybe you're thinking I should take control of my only life. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Take charge!

But what if I tell you i've been doing that too.. what will you tell me then?

You want to know what I think..?

I'm definitely going to tell you anyway.

I think that no matter what you do, who's in charge or who's steering the ship life is life.

Life has no mercy.

Life has no brakes or recognises stop signs.

Life does not care about feelings or speed limits.


Is only there for the living so live it.

Ride the waves and get on with it.

Smile and keep smiling through it.

Why show others that you're struggling to fight back when every single you day you wake up and start the day over, THAT IS YOU FIGHTING BACK!




and be thankful you are still here breathing with a second chance to make a change and do better.



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