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Long Lost Love

Hey loves,

Here I am again with another adventure to share..

So I ended up getting married.


I fell in love with a man and decided he was the one. Well my heart did.

The feeling is mutual of course and I've known another feeling like it.

One thing though, he lives thousands and thousands of miles away.


My mind is constantly in overdrive. There is no ease, no space to breath or think. Imagination running wild and anxious thoughts making me act on impulse at times.

But I am truly in love.

In love with the way he hugs my soul.

His patience when I have none.

The way his world revolves around me and he will stop time to make sure I am okay.

In love with our differences in how we view the world as each time we disagree it's always a lesson learned.

Long distance relationships are not for the weak or for those who believe in fairytales. So I salute those who are struggling but are finding the time and strength to make it work.

Family, friends, outsiders to your relationship will definitely have a lot to say about your decision to make such a huge commitment to somebody who isn't around physically. When I say, words cut deep, they could really cause a fight within with their own insecurities and worries that they'd have in your position.

You and partner know what you feel and only you two will ever feel the force which ties you together marriage or not. So live freely. Smile. Laugh. Have fun.

Do not be afraid to embrace what cuddles your heart.

Be free!



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