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Her Hello

The first thing I wanted to say was Hey.

Welcome to my page.

Then I paused and thought 'I want my first post to be something special and professional' which only made me delay posting. Then I reminded myself that I owe you guys the truth about me. Totally unfiltered and forever real.

The truth is I am so far away from perfect but I mean.. is anybody in this world really perfect? What does perfect truly mean right.

Just like you I go through things,

The pain, the laughter, the absence and the days you feel like giving up. Honestly, I want to say that the fact that you push through everyday and continue to live life everyday is a strength within itself and I want you to know that that's exactly why I set up the online chat service. There is no right or wrong thing to say, any topic is welcome. Anybody is welcome.

I appreciate you.


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