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Crying Eyes

Good morning world.

Its Monday morning and I’m on the way to one of my jobs living my life in the matrix with my headphones in and music turned up loud as it can go. I couldn’t help but notice what a different world we are living in today. People with full face coverings with only their eyes visible helps you to see something deeper in a person. Helps you to notice that everybody here has a story and teaches you to be mindful.

The person to your right might have just lost their good friend to an incident, whilst the person in front just lost their Grandma to the virus. You just never know what anyone is truly battling or what they may be running away from.

What type of demons those kind eyes could be waiting to release I guess we’ll never truly comprehend the depth of what one feels inside.

I saw a video of my my friend and her dad bonding and it moved me in such a way I thought to check up on my other friends I know may be feeling in such a way. A way that if they were to lose a member that close to them they’d be lost beyond the point of being found.

So learn to read ones eyes, it might be the only way someone knows how to ask for help or better yet.. Love



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