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Imagine a world full of considerate people

There would be less stress to go around

Nobody lost just waiting to be found

A kinder place.


If we would wait until we was completely calm before responding during our periods of emotional outbursts, just maybe, we’d be able to communicate the route of how we feel.

We wouldn’t dwell on the surface.

Having a pointless argument that when all is said and done, our deepest needs are still left unsatisfied. Where the only result is to push the person you want the closest to you..

Further away.

What good is letting someone express their fears and worries to you, a friend. For when the sun rises you to forget that their heart still weighs heavy.

Sure. Everyone has their own things going on but simple acknowledgment that you heard their cries. May just save a life.

What use is it to pretend to be something we wish to be, without properly understanding who you are right now.

Noticing the impact the you have on the world and those around you.

Healing yourself so that you can see the cracks in others that may need to be healed too.

Handled with care.

Spoken to in a soft tone.

A rare delicacy.

Just that one minute you take out of your day, to consider which face you will show..

Could be the start of change.

Her xo

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