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City Girl Blues

Funny story, I got stuck into a series called The Last Kingdom. It’s really good if you love a bit of action when it comes down to the Vikings and morals.

It got me thinking about my own morals when I heard them talking about making your own choices and having the free will to choose your own path. I then thought about how sometimes I feel a prisoner of my own mind, life consumes you and takes over. Anything can change in a heart beat. I thought about how time is something that isn’t promised so there is none to waste on pondering over the shoulda woulda coulda’s..

We always think that we can leave things to be done at a later date, tomorrow even. We plan ahead and think about the future when in reality, life is happening now!

No, that doesn’t mean rush to get things done and become stressed out that things aren’t going as fast as you’d like. It just means enjoy the process. Take every single day as it comes. Remember to appreciate the small things and the kind gestures people do. Remember that your neighbour isn’t your enemy. Remember that the sweetest kindest of hearted people are fighting their own battles too. Be gentle.

What we may see on the media is never as it seems. People portray to have these perfect lives because that is what they are paid to do. Our minds our not our own if we don’t take a break and open our hearts to what’s real and really feel. Express your true emotions no matter how vulnerable and naked it may make you feel.

Your path is your own.. let your heart guide you

There is no better teacher.


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